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Holiday Packages

When an overseas holiday becomes a must, there's no point fighting the urge to get away and explore new horizons. When the travel bug bites please feel free to consult our friendly traveling agents. What are you waiting for? A new array of exciting new destinations awaits for your international holiday.


Tour Operation

The tour operators on our list offer experiences and itineraries of every type imaginable, but one increasingly popular category is active and adventure travel.


Accomodation Reservation

With the help of Tuyeni Travel packages, you will be able to enjoy a luxurious stay in Namibia in any hotel or lodge. Book hotels, lodges and bread & breakfast with a delightful blend of rich ethnicity and modern taste for both single holiday person and families. Exclusive deals, travel guides,photos and reviews.


Camping Equipments

There are many adventurous camp sites available throughout Namibia. Hire all the camping equipment you need in Windhoek and enjoy your camping safari.


Business and coporate management

Tuyeni Travels coordinates all travel logistics such as hotel check-ins, baggage handling as well as group transportations. We also guide the travelers through the tour's itineraries. We offer fun activities and fascinating commentaries while travelling and sightseeing and many more...


Shuttle Services

Our shuttle services are simple, convinient, smooth and trustworthy. We shuttle to and from the Hosea Kutako International airport as well as the Eros Airport, Windhoek and out of town. We get our people on, they get off, and everyone’s happy. 


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